Traveling Through the Desert

It's been a cold week here in the desert. 50 and 60 degrees feels a lot different here than it does at home in the mountains of Colorado.

This morning, when I arrived in Ajo, I changed from summery pants and flip flops to jeans, UGGs, and my down coat.

All of my experiences take on a much different context and level of awareness here on the border. As I put on warmer clothes, I thought about those who slept in the desert last night, hoping that the morning sun would bring a reprieve, and instead being greeted by clouds and a familiar chill.

I hold that in my heart for a moment and feel the heaviness that awareness brings.

When I drive through the mountains back home, I watch for deer and other animals that might be around me. When I drive through the desert here in Arizona, I watch for signs of people on their journey. The black water jugs that are sold in Mexico with the promise of being harder to spot by "la migra", when in fact they bring the water to an almost boiling point in the desert sun, pieces of clothing, back packs, or actual individuals trying to continue along unseen.

It was shared with me that a group of 100 people from Guatemala were picked up by border patrol outside of Sasabe, AZ just a few days ago. In this group, 70 of them were minors. The good news is that these children will remain in the US and not be deported, the sad news is that when there are that many children they are more than likely being "moved" by drug cartel.

The layers of everything happening down here are almost too many to digest all at once. It can feel overwhelming. And then I remember to ground myself and come back to what I know to be true.

We aren't a bunch of individuals on our independent, disconnected journeys. We are all in fact connected and moving through this time and experience together.

If we can remember that, and see ourselves in the faces and struggles of others, the solutions we are searching for will reveal themselves. This isn't a problem for us to solve, instead it's a collective solution we are meant to remember. This global awakening is challenging, real, and our critical, joint path forward.

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