This Journey

I never would’ve imagined I’d be on this journey. As I look in the rearview mirror I see baskets full of hand embroidered mantas and jean jackets piled on top of each other that have traveled from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras where they were embroidered by wonderful women, sent to Colorado, and now are in my car traveling down to Tucson for a market.

All of the women that have touched these pieces are sitting in my heart right now. I’m listening to a story by Isabel Allende about migration and war and poverty and what causes people to leave their homes. The people in her story are the women in this project. They want nothing more than to stay home. They leave in search of opportunities when they have none available.

So every time I glance backward and see the hand-stitched mantas I realize the hope that’s been stitched into each one. The hope that has traveled from one country to another to share stories and try to create an opportunity for us to remember our shared humanity.

My hope is that this project can continue to say yes to every woman and community that reaches out wanting to join us. Some days it feels incredibly possible. Others it feels like pushing a boulder uphill. The most difficult part is knowing how many people could benefit from the simple model.

My hope is that all of these products find homes this weekend and that each piece communicates the hopes, stories, and lives of the women who have created them.

My hope is that if you are someone fortunate enough to touch one of these pieces, that through that connection you’ll feel the heart of the woman on the other end.

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