Missing the Forest For the Trees

It's time we zoom out.

I have a definite pattern in life. I get moved by an experience, take a deep dive into why things are the way they are, and then resurface in the truth. The truth of our interconnection to each other and all of life. Knowing that at the heart of all of our issues is a deep disconnection.

We have become siloed in the way we view the world. When I have conversations about immigration, people will often say - It's so great you are doing this work, I'm focused on climate change, or gun violence, or education, or meditation, or...

These are not separate things. They are all one and the same. All that is good and bad exist simultaneously. When we zoom out from this present moment, and what appears to be right in front of us, we land in a place of greater perspective and awareness. A place that allows us to see and feel our connection.

So where do we begin? How do we move a little to the left or right to become more aligned with this wisdom and our shared humanity?

This is the question I hold in my heart at all times. A question we must all answer together because it will take a global shift to right this ship.

We need to start the hard conversations and show up with open hearts prepared to listen and share from a place of deep vulnerability.

Are you ready? Will you join me?

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