Migrants and Spring Break

Yesterday morning I started my day at Quitobaquito Spring in Organ Pipe National Monument. As I drove out of the park toward Ajo, AZ, I was in a long line of spring breakers leaving Mexico and heading home.

About 20 miles from the border I saw flashing lights on the side of the road, and two border patrol trucks had 5 migrant men that they were processing and then would take back across the border and drop in Mexico. Were they from Mexico? It didn't matter, that is where all single adults are taken and left under Title 42.

Traffic didn't even slow to the event unfolding, and the fact that most of these people had just enjoyed a week in Mexico and showed no concern for the men on the side of the road was not lost on me.

The men looked tired and defeated, and all I could do was offer them a kind smile as I drove by with everyone else.

Seeing their defeat, and knowing the desperation that brought them to this point in their journey, left a mark on my heart.

Every experience like this changes me. In those moments I share in their feeling of exhaustion and become more committed to changing a system that fails to see the suffering of our fellow humans.

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