Joy and Sadness in the Same Moment

Day 1 of my two week trip to the Arizona border

My morning, desert sunrise

I'm still processing so much of what this day has held, and will share more as it settles. But, I didn't want the day to pass without sharing an experience I just had with you all.

Until this moment, I didn't truly understand how one moment could hold so much joy and sadness together in the same space. I had the privilege ofdriving a family that was from Venezuela to their hotel room for the night, so they can continue what will hopefully be the last leg of their journey in the morning.

There was so much happiness and a true sense of relief that they had made it to this point. As we drove they relaxed more and their happiness filled mytruck. At one point, the teenage daughter leaned over the seat to whisper in her mother's ear. She was hoping there were going to be clean clothes available for them when they arrived at the hotel.

When I heard her question, I looked closer at what they were wearing and saw signs of the incredibly long journey they had been on.

Tonight, I am holding space for all of the incredible people on similar journeys and feel so grateful that there are many more moments like this ahead of me in the coming weeks.

I will be sure to bring you all along on this journey with me. And - yes there were clean clothes, and food, and a telephone, and internet, and all of the things we all would want awaiting them at their hotel.

A beautiful ending to a full and wonderful day.

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