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Artisan Project

Let's Address One of the Root Causes of Migration

Through collaboration and intentional partnerships we can pave the way to a more sustainable future for those who currently have no option but to migrate.


We have an incredible opportunity to work together to create models of support that allow families to stay in their home communities, putting the pieces in place that facilitate entrepreneurial skills, access to resources, and so much more.


No one wants to leave their home, families, and the culture and community they know and love. The choice to migrate isn’t made lightly and comes with incredible risks and dangers. 


Through our Artisan Project Members, we are creating scalable and replicable models that support women in their home communities and asylum seekers at our Southern Border.

Image by Dulcey Lima

Creating Safer Journeys

We are creating pathways of connection between organizations and the opportunities available to facilitate safer journeys for those who need to migrate.

We partner with others in the humanitarian space to analyze the current resources in place for migrants vs their real time needs, and create plans of action to facilitate greater safety on their journey.


Larger Than Borders

We believe one of the greatest issues of our lifetime is disconnection with ourselves, each other, and the planet.

Larger Than Borders amplifies the voices and experiences of those along our southern border, with the intention of allowing us all to become more aware of our inner landscape, and through this awareness remember that we are all connected.

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