Our Artisan Project Membership Levels

What Your Membership is Creating:

Together, we are creating replicable, artisan, entrepreneurial models for women in their home communities. This project addresses one of the core issues of immigration by putting resources and systems in place that allow individuals and families to stay home.


The creation of this coop model is bringing powerful change and mitigating the need for families to migrate, creating a ripple effect that can positively impact greater communities. 


Through our members, we are tackling the driving issues of immigration. The resources, training, and business creation models we are putting in place are creating ripples that are felt around the world. As we gain more members, our opportunity to take this model to additional communities and countries grows. 


While Madres e Hijos stays involved in many levels and aspects of the immigration process, this project is a bright light in all of the dark realities.

Our members are putting pieces in place that allow families to stay home and together. A powerful and beautiful opportunity. Become a member today!