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What Your Membership is Creating:

Together we are creating opportunities for women to come together in community and create beautiful artisan pieces.

The benefits of this simple model are significant. First and foremost, we are creating revenue streams for these women to care for themselves and their families. Many studies have shown that when women earn a steady income, this money is spent first on their families and then to uplift their community. 

Our project also uses the power of art and connection, bringing groups of women together to embroider, share stories, develop strong bonds, and heal. 

Starting with women in their home communities, we are working to mitigate the need to migrate. No one wants to leave their family, home, and all that they know.

We also work with women asylum seekers. There are many things that create the need to migrate, with no other option, and we welcome these women into the project to create a revenue stream while they wait at our Southern border for an opportunity to present their asylum case.


Our project lays a foundation of sustainability through resources, tools, and continued partnership.

Our Simple Model:

  • When the women join the Artisan Project they receive a starter kit with enough materials and supplies for their first few pieces.

  • The Artisan Project works with these women (through our Artisan guidelines) to facilitate awareness around the expectations of the market in the United States and creating a sustainable business model (where a portion of the profit from their work is reinvested in materials to continue creating new designs).

  • The Artisan Project commits to purchasing the pieces that meet our guidelines, creating a built in market so the women can focus on creating their art and caring for themselves and their families.

This project is supported through membership. Our members are individuals, families, and businesses who recognize that creating change takes all of us. They have made a financial investment in the betterment of humanity, and we are incredibly grateful to be in partnership with them all.

We would love for you to join us.

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