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Creating communities and systems of support for mothers and children.

Honoring and celebrating our shared humanity.

Who We Are

We began in November of 2020 after our founder, Laurie Benson, took several trips to the border of Arizona and Sonora, Mexico.


During her trips, Laurie witnessed three different groups of mothers and children who had crossed the border and were trying to disappear into the endless desert of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Being a mother herself, Laurie felt the weight of the choices these women were facing. She understood the extremes they must be fleeing in order to make the vast desert the better option.


It was from these interactions and experiences that Madres e Hijos came to life.

Our Projects


Our Artisan Project

At the core of this program, our members are uplifting and supporting artisan communities, mitigating the need to migrate and creating better tomorrows.


Creating Safer Journeys

We are creating pathways of connection between organizations and the opportunities available to facilitate safer journeys for those who need to migrate.

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Larger Than Borders

This story sharing project amplifies the voices of the people and work that are larger than the borders being imposed on our physical and non-physical spaces.


The Ripple Effect of Our Collective Work

When we have the ability to zoom out from our current state, we recognize that the problems we are experiencing are shared by others across the globe. 

We recognize our shared path, our shared humanity. 

Our work begins with ourselves, honoring our own journey and the path that brought us to this work. From this space we occupy today, our work grows to include you, mothers and children in their home countries, those on a treacherous journey across many borders, and those already here in the U.S. working to create new homes and connections.


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Through our blog, we share stories of our experiences, and the experiences of others, within our border communities. Stay informed.

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Become an Artisan Project Member

Our Artisan Project is changing the lives of women and families in their home countries. Together we are opening resources and revenue streams that allow them to stay home.

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